Individual Counseling.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or are struggling with issues such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, assertiveness or relationship problems, individual counseling can help you by offering a safe place just for you, so you can take a step back from your life, make sense of things, get some clarity, gain coping skills and a different perspective.


Couples Counseling.

If you are looking for help with improving your relationship, couples counseling can help you by giving you a neutral, objective professional in the room to help you work through your relationship challenges and decide on a way forward

Couples counseling can also help you improve your relationship by giving you more effective ways to communicate and compromise so you can find the right balance between meeting your own and your partners' needs.


Child and Adolescent Counseling.

If your child or teenager could benefit from having a professional they trust to talk to about their inner world, I offer child and adolescent counseling. Children and teenagers can sometimes find it hard to talk to their parents for fear of what their reaction will be or they may be worried about hurting their parents' feelings.

I can offer a safe place for your child to explore their issues, gain clarity and develop effective communication skills.


Family Counseling.

If your family is facing a difficult transition or challenge, family counseling can help you to ensure that everyone's voice is heard and help you work together to address the problem or set of problems. Family counseling can help you to see one another's points of view and reduce family conflict by improving communication. It can also help you to cope together with difficult changes.


Life Coaching.

If you have a goal or life change that you want to achieve, but are not sure where to start, for example a career change or you are thinking about starting a new business, coaching can help you by helping you break down the journey into small achievable steps, helping to keep you motivated and on-track and giving you a feeling of being supported along the way.


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