Chloe Lankshear Therapy Butterflies

Could you and I work well together?

Here are some thoughts about the clients I work best with and who tend to get the most out of coming to see me:

My ideal client . . .

. . . appreciates input, suggestions, new ideas, different perspectives, tools, strategies and humor/fun.

. . . values coming to therapy and the collaborative process that takes place.

. . . understands that if they truly want change, a lot of the work will happen in between sessions. If they are receptive and open to trying new things they will get the best results. Being thoughtful and making an effort pay off.

. . . agrees to take responsibility for their part in the process by making their therapy a priority, arriving on time, letting me know in advance if they can’t make it and being open and honest.

Many of the clients who have got the most out of therapy with me have been putting in a lot of effort and trying hard before starting therapy, but feel exasperated and fed up because what they are doing is not working for them.

Our work together has helped them understand why what they have been doing hasn’t been effective and we’ve come up with new, more helpful ideas that have achieved better results.


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